Cheung Yee Kwan

Cheung Yee Kwan graduated from The Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. Using moving images and installation as her mediums, she often walks adrift in the city and finds herself attracted to the subtleties of mundane motion and inconspicuous objects which translate for her into a psychological experience. Her works explore themes of isolation, memory, and the destruction that always accompanies transformation. She represents these themes through methods of communication and in the nexus between humans and city space. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, USA and Japan._JAP_張 綺君 (ソニア・チョン イークァン) 1992年香港出身。香港と福岡を拠点に活動を行う。2016年、香港浸会大学視覚芸術院 (Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University)卒業。映像とインスタレーションを媒体に、しばしば街を漂うように歩き、ありふれた動きや目立たない物体の繊細さに注視しそれらを心理的な体験へと変換させる。人間と都市空間の間のコミュニケーションや繋がりを通じて、孤立・記憶・変容に伴う破壊をテーマに制作を行う。