Hornless Life

<アーティストより> この作品は、自分が住んでいる場所に対して不安を感じるというテーマについての作品です。


(From the Artist) This film is about feeling insecure about where you live.
Horns are common on cattle, sheep and other livestock, and the livestock industry removes them to prevent attacks by cattle and sheep horns and to reduce transport costs. I tried to imagine myself as if I were the animal whose horns had been removed, while thinking of the Xiezhi (a unicorn similar to a qilin with one horn), a Chinese divine beast known for its horns.

Artist / アーティスト:
Cheung Yee Kwan / 張 綺君
Genre / ジャンル:
Video Art / ビデオアート
Country / 国名:
Hong Kong / 香港