Tomoki Yamakawa

Born 1994, Gifu, Japan. Graduated from Nagoya Visual Arts, Department of Imaging Arts. "Two Peas in a Pod" (2015) won the Grand Prix at the 19th Chofu Short Film Competition, and numerous other awards at different film festivals. Recent works include "Blue/Orange" (2020), " Nihil" (2021), "Light is Burning" (2021), "Invisible " (2021), "Vinyl Days" (2021), "Trash Competition" (2023). _JAP_ 山川智輝。1994年生まれ。岐阜県出身。専門学校名古屋ビジュアルアーツ映像学科卒。 『瓜二つ』(2015)が19th CHOFU SHORT FILM COMPETITIONグランプリ、ほか多数の映画祭で受賞。 近作に『Blue/Orange』(2020)『ニヒル』(2021)『光が痛いよ、水をください。』(2021)『不在の存在』(2021)『ビニールな日々』(2021)『ゴミ争奪戦』(2023)など。