Mitsuhiro Nagano

Born 1988, resident in Fukuoka City. She creates sculptures, videos and media art on the two themes of 'anthems to the world' and 'perception and society'. Major exhibitions include 'Soul's Home' (2023/Fukuoka/Three-person exhibition), 'Madoka no Mediat' (2022/Onojo/Group exhibition) and many others. Major awards include 'Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA' (2022 / general and video category prize winner (with Yutaka Sakamoto) and many others. _JAP_ 長野光宏。1988年生まれ、福岡市在住。「世界への賛歌」と「認識と社会」の二つをテーマに、立体造形/映像/メディアアートを制作している。主な展示に「魂の在り家」(2023年/福岡/三人展)、「まどかのメディアート」(2022年/大野城/グループ展)他多数。主な受賞に「Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA」(2022年/一般・映像部門入賞(坂本豊氏との共作)他多数。